Big Update Public Release (B161108)

Click Here for the New B58 Launcher

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The Lite Campaign strings together the various car design and engineering aspects and implements them into a bare-bones but functional campaign mode in which you lead your company to success or failure with your car and engine designs.

Core features of Lite Campaign V2 Update

  • Lite Campaign Mode
  • Factory Add-Ons
  • Inline-3 NA Engines
  • Longitudinal FWD
  • Basic R&D
  • Engineering Familiarity
  • Improved UI
  • Improved Engine Sounds

Unfortunately the “lite” in the Lite Campaign brings a few limitations that will be lifted in future versions. For instance, it is not possible to add trims to a car already in production or to share engines between different car models. We would have loved to put that in already now but need to focus on the big task ahead.

Up next we will finish porting & rewriting Automation to Unreal Engine 4. Part of our small team has been working on this alongside of development for about a year already. We’ll keep you in the loop and will inform you soon about the status of the port and the new features and changes coming to the game via our YouTube channel.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support!
Enjoy your time with the Lite Campaign mode.