Big Update Public Release (B160418)

After a long open beta phase we are now ready to push this update out to all of our players. What is in this you wonder?

Main Features

  • Engineering Projects & Engineers
  • Factory Production & Managers
  • V12 Turbos
  • Spaceframe Chassis
  • 8 new car bodies, 27 new body variants in total

Engineering, Engineers and Factories
You can now set up engineering projects for your cars to see if your engineering team would be able to finish that +15 quality trim you built in the next 100 years or so. Select your team of engineers with special skills to shave down those engineering months. After setting up your factory production for the new cars and engines you get an updated price estimate that with higher precision tells you how well you are actually doing in those market demographics you aimed for.

V12 Turbos and Spaceframe Chassis
Running a car manufacturer out of your garage with a few welders? Probably not going to have the huge monocoque chassis stamping presses… now your new option for small scale production in the early years is spaceframes, which really help making cars that are not for utility purposes only (*cough* ladder frames).¬†With the new V12 Turbos you get even more power you can’t put down onto the road, for more fun and wheelspin at 300 km/h!

What is up next?
Don’t forget to follow our YouTube channel to stay in the loop of development. In this video we outline what will be in the next big update.