Big Update Public Release (B151208)

With just one week of delay we come out of the Steam open beta and are ready for the main release of this big update. Below you find an overview of the main new features.

Main Features

  • Added Engineering Time
  • Added Tooling Costs
  • Added V12 Engines
  • Added Pushrod Suspensions
  • All New Track Calculations
  • Added Car Bodies & Variants

Major Balance Changes

  • Revamped tire size vs. grip model and stat effects
  • Regions affect footprint, practicality, and safety %
  • Rebalanced fuel system stats
  • Rebalanced all brake related stats
  • Changed many part unlock years
  • Rebalanced utility and offroad dependencies
  • Rebalanced all car & “General” engine scenarios

Other Changes

  • Rebalanced gearbox types, gears, and gearing effects
  • Penalize very tall first gears
  • Penalize too slow acceleration
  • Rebalanced market demographics
  • Rebalanced ride height effects
  • Rebalanced solid axles
  • Rebalanced suspension effect on load
  • Rebalanced seats vs. cargo & passenger space
  • Rebalanced comfort effect of entertainment
  • Rebalanced safety packages progression
  • Engine bay squeeze factor now affects service costs
  • Changed Al engine block and head effects
  • Smoothness effect from Mg engine blocks
  • Rebalanced mid-/rear-engine cooling
  • Rebalanced economy calculations for idle RPM
  • Rebalanced offroad skidpad weight
  • Added blowoff, backfire and exhaust burble sounds
  • Added turbo sounds to test track

…plus plenty of small fixes and additions.

Enjoy the update and keep your eyes open for the soon to follow overview of what we are going to work on next.