Open Beta RC1 (B151204)

With this patch we are getting close to the final release of the big update to the public branch. You can opt in to the open beta via your Steam library.

The current changelog for this update:

  • Added acceleration tire squeal on test track
  • Added ability to toggle all mods on/off in launcher
  • Added high speed aerodynamics handling graph
  • Added description for push-rod suspensions
  • Fixed issue with year change without suspension selection
  • Fixed issue of scenario limits & thresholds not updating
  • Fixed wheel offset not increasing weight
  • Fixed missing textures for some soft tops
  • Fixed outdoor audio getting stuck on other tabs
  • Fixed Al panel production flag for 1940
  • Fixed missing safety options overlap
  • Fixed aerodynamics tab headings alignment
  • Fixed 5-valve cam positions for V12s
  • Fixed issue switching track while calcs run
  • Fixed an issue of model/trim mix-up

Have a go and check out the fixes and additions and report any bugs you find.