Open Beta Patch 1 (B151130)

In this first update to the Steam Open Beta we have addressed most of the big issues people were having.

Sound Issues:

  • Options now include output device choice
    Note: The choice doesn’t save across sessions yet
  • Fixed 1500 RPM engine explosion sounds

Other Fixes:

  • Fixed engine valve float causing lua exception 2039
  • Fixed ladder chassis lua exception 93
  • Fixed aluminium panels missing in early years
  • Fixed issue with engine config list changing with year
  • Fixed various errors from parts not available in current year
  • Fixed issue loading old cars and scenarios
  • Fixed front pushrod suspension availability year
  • Fixed missing cam lobes in DOHC V12s
  • Fixed handmade interior description string missing
  • Fixed entertainment unlock / list inconsistencies
  • Removed DCOE Single and Twin options from V12

Specifically with the sound issue, please have a go and see if the game defaulted to the wrong audio device. If so, you can now set it to output to the one you are actually using.

We look forward to hearing if this patch works better for you guys, keep those bug reports coming!